what is it for


The aim of the OenoWatch project is to study, develop, implement and pilot a holistic phytosanitary and plant protection system based on the use of an unmanned aerial vehicles and a series of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the establishment of a Competence Center for Precision Viticulture.

During the course of the project, a prototype UAS will be constructed with remote sensing indicators from multi-spectral sensors. Thanks to timely diagnosis and targeted application of plant protection, the environmental damage will be reduced while achieving better health conditions for wine-growing professionals (due to remote application of pesticides). 


This will lead to increased production and reduced production costs for the wine grower. It will also achieve yields of better quality and, therefore better market prices. Gradually, there will be a positive impact on the Cypriot economy, including the reduction of imports of pesticides.  Finally, the project will contribute to the implementation of a policy and strategy framework to strengthen the viability and competitiveness of viticulture in Cyprus.

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